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Quantitative Imaging and Neuromodulation in Migraine



Migraine is frequently related to muscular pain of the neck and shoulder region and alterations of skeletal musculature, particularly affecting the trapezius muscles. We develop novel approaches to image such alterations by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and aim to treat migraine-related muscular pain of the neck and shoulder region by targeted neuromodulation. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of the trigemino-cervical complex (TCC) that contributes to the development and maintenance of migraine, and to integrate advanced diagnostics by MRI into clinical applications.


  • Acquisition of high-resolution MRI to study skeletal musculature in patients with migraine.
  • Neuromodulatory stimulation of trapezius muscles to alleviate migraine-related muscular pain and headache.
  • Implementation of multi-sequence MRI to detect muscular alterations subsequent to neuromodulatory treatment.
  • Understanding pathophysiological mechanisms of migraine by functional and perfusion MRI.

Grant Support

  • Dr.-Ing. Leonhard Lorenz Foundation
  • German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG)





Corinna Börner, M.Sc.;
Paul Schandelmaier;
Severin Schramm;
Miriam Reichert


  • Prof. Dr. F. Heinen, Dr. M. V. Bonfert, PD Dr. Dipl.-Psych. M. N. Landgraf (iSPZ Hauner, LMU)
  • Prof. Dr. D. C. Karampinos, D. Weidlich (Body Magnetic Resonance Research, TUM)
  • PD Dr. C. Preibisch, S. Kaczmarz, (Neuro MR Munich, TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. S. M. Krieg (Neurosurgery, TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. T. R. Tölle (Neurology, TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. M. Beer (Radiology, Ulm University)


Selected Publications

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