Welcome to the Department of Neurology 


Clinical services

Within the Department of Neurology, our range of health services covers the entire spectrum of neurological diseases. In order to provide the most individual diagnostic workup and therapy, our clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic units, outpatient clinics and wards including a stroke unit and an interdisciplinary intensive care unit.

In a friendly atmosphere, our novel department combines superior medical expertise with the highest standard of technical equipment. Together with the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology, the Department of Neurology is located within the newly built “Neuro-Kopf-Zentrum”. Close collaboration between the departements enables immediate decisions ultimately providing the best possible management of complex neurological diseases.

Fields of research

Besides the traditional emphasis on movement disorders, pain, neurovascular and neuromuscular diseases, our research units developed additional fields of interest in oncological, infectious and autoimmune disorders of the nervous system. Basic and clinical research is conducted in tight association with existing treatment protocols, so that novel scientific findings can be translated promptly into an improvement of future patient care.


Outpatient clinics and subspecialties

The neurologists in our outpatient clinics are dedicated to provide the best possible care for patients who require subspecialty expertise for highly individualized diagnosis and therapy. Within our department, outpatient clinics are available for the following neurological subspecialties:

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Bernhard Hemmer, MD
Professor of Neurology

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